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Stringybark McDowell (aka Kenny Terrington ) is known to audiences around Australia of all ages and cultures, mainly as frontman for band 'Muddy Puddles'. Australian band 'Muddy Puddles' carved a niche through rural Australia for many years with their jug junk band attitude to the blues. His style of raw rootsy blues drawn from the great masters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries mixed with his eccentric aussie humour and homemade instruments combines for a blues loving and rib-tickling good time. Like they say in Australia - There's no flies on this man but you can see where they have been.

Stringy likes to perform in a two piece format, incorporating guitars and drums. As he says 'No bass is needed when you are born with a thumb!' Either chunkin' out raw gutsy blues music, head down and off like a steam train, or in a solo format with his 14" kick drum "Doof Doof" - this is a show not to be missed.

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