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Derrin Nauendorf

Derrin Naeundorf Derrin Nauendorf and David Downing have now firmly established their unique soundscape of blues & roots styles. Derrin writes and sings superbly melodic songs, plays astonishing acoustic guitar, while Dave supplies subtle, complimentary percussion. The result is a compelling and once seen, never forgotten act, which stuns audiences with the intensity and diversity of their music and charismatic stage presence.

Derrin (27) and Dave (32) met by chance just one year ago in Australia. Both guys have been playing since their early teens. Spells in bands had made both men a living, but Derrin had honed his songwriting and guitar work to the point where he wanted to establish his own identity. Four years working in a duo situation led to a chance meeting with Dave. The result is a musical partnership producing an uncanny synergy and a unique sound.

Derrin describes what he does as real - natural, unforced music with songs based on a fountainhead of positive thoughts and emotions, given a moody ambience by Dave's sympathetic percussion. Derrin has been on the road since he was 17, and his songs are the result of a roller coaster of experiences. Jointly, their work is not slick and pre-packaged, but melodic and uplifting, and totally uncompromising. Their eclectic melting pot reflects the influences soaked up along the way. This is original music performed by musicians who have stuck to their guns and play what they believe in. In a relatively short period, Dave and Derrin have built up a committed following on both sides of the world. They have developed a compelling live act that thrills audiences everywhere they perform. 2002 saw them touring continental Europe to promote the latest CD - "Live at The Boardwalk".

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